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We have heard from many of you, during the concept phase of your new avionics project, that you have many questions and concerns. To help you make informed decisions we combined a list of the top seven things you should look at and developed an offering to help you navigate the process

Our Process

Assess your needs: Determine the specific functions and features you require based on the type of flying you will be doing.

Consider compatibility: Ensure the avionics you choose are compatible with your aircraft and with each other. Integration is key to obtaining the most value and benefit from your investment.

Regulatory requirements: Understand the avionics requirements stipulated by aviation authorities (the FAA, manufacturers, etc.) for the type of aircraft and airspace you intend to be operating in.

Seek expert advice: Consult with avionics specialists, engineers, experienced pilots.

Budget: Set a budget for your avionics investment. Keep in mind that costs vary widely based on the features and capabilities you require.

Evaluate options: Research different avionics manufacturers and their product offerings to compare features, reliability, and support.

Installation and support: Consider the availability of installation services and ongoing support for your chosen avionics. This can be crucial for a smooth integration process, operator/pilot training, and continued reliable operation.


We have found that spending a lot of time and a little money upfront saves multiples in time and money down the road during the installation process and beyond. We do that by reviewing each of the steps with you. Here is how it works:
  1. Take your initial ideas and panel layout and walk-through a thorough assessment process.
  2. Perform a compatibility analysis with new and existing systems, and with your aircraft.
  3. Research the STCs, backup systems required, and the FAA FARs to ensure everything is compliant.
  4. Look at more than one option against your end goal.
  5. Understand your budget and assess against available options.
Then we deliver to you the following:
  • Digital panel layouts using the exact dimensions and instruments you have chosen. We do this for each option. Repeating as needed.
  • Block diagram schematics describing how each instrument will be connected and configured.
  • OEM parts and equipment lists including part numbers and any other additional supporting parts needed.
  • Detailed cost estimate for parts and labor.
You retain all these deliverables for your own use as you see fit. Cost: $500.00 which will be deducted from the cost of the project should you choose to use us for the installation.

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